Jet Trails #10

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Jet Trails #10
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Marcia DeCamp
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This quilt was inspired by the jet contrails in the views of the western skies from my studio windows. It presents a composite tableau of the trails that crisscross our skies above land masses and oceans alike. Their form, shape, color, and texture are strongly affected by atmospheric conditions and further conditioned by the angle of view, time of day, duration since the passing of the planes, and our own willingness to pay attention and enjoy the unfolding of a modern-day natural optical display.

Abstract designs and strong geometric patterns dominate Marcia's work. She feels a strong connection to the Southwest, and her color palette often reflects this influence. She dyes most of her own fabrics with Procion MX dyes, composes her work with many references to landscapes and the natural world, and completes her pieced works with machine quilting.
Hand-dyed cottons and cotton sateen.
Machine pieced and machine quilted; includes trapunto.

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