It's Universal

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It's Universal
36 in
30.5 in
(91 cm x 77 cm)
Photo Credit
Greg Arthaud
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Far, far away, many light years from Earth, two odd planets were discovered in 2012. These planetary "besties" orbit extremely close to one another. In fact, they are 20 times closer than any planets in our own solar system. While immensely tight with their orbit patterns in "space-based" definitions, they could not be more different. The wispy, gaseous planet is primarily composed of Hydrogen and Helium. Its counterpart has the exact opposite composition, containing an edgy terrain of metals and rocks. Indeed, the NASA Kepler space telescope unexpectedly revealed a universal truth that opposite truly do attract.
Variety of fabric, lutrador, variety of paints and fibers
Machine sewn, hand appliqu├ęd, machine quilted