If a Block should Tumble

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If a Block should Tumble
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This piece uses the Thread Painting technique, the continuous movement of fabric under a sewing machine needle. After the surfaces are all machine stitched, they are then constructed – sewn by hand into 3-dimensional shapes. Some of the volume is implied employing traditional shading, others are truly 3-D. In “If a Block should Tumble” I used both techniques hoping to both, fool the eye and fool the mind. My background in welding steel sculpture is evident in my fabric work. At 64 (And after 2 shoulder surgeries), I began looking back to my sewing machine to find a way to extend my need to create. My first Thread Paintings were full value drawings from years of sketchbooks for sculpture, but gradually I began to build the actual 3-D constructions these drawings had always implied.
7 values of grey thread (no black, the darkest value is #125 Gutterman). Pelon 741 interfacing, 2-1530 and 1-430 Bernina sewing machines.
Each surface is shaded using the Thread Painting technique, moving back and forth between sewing machines each with a different value of grey to create a blended drawn surface. These 2-dimensional pieces are then hand-sewn into 3-dimensional boxes, some surfaces imply 3-D, others are actually 3-D.

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