Heron Loft

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Heron Loft
40 in
34 in
(102 cm x 86 cm)
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My inspiration for this quilt was a photo I took while birdwatching on the Texas Coast. The Great Blue Herons like to build their nests on the highest spot available to guarantee safety for their babies. These herons had chosen a perch atop abandoned poles, ropes, and pulleys near an old boat repair dock. I caught them while they were both hard at work gathering branches and sticks to construct their nest. It requires a lot of hard work and cooperation to build the nest, feed the hatchlings, and guard the nest to raise the next generation.
Commercial and hand colored cotton fabrics, cotton and cotton blend threads – solid, variegated and, monofilament, wool batting, fusible, pastel pencils.
Raw edged fused appliqué collage, free motion machine quilting and thread painting, pastel pencil shading.