Global Alert: Arctic Melt

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Global Alert: Arctic Melt
46.5 in
35 in
(118 cm x 89 cm)
Photo Credit
Dana Davis
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Opposing forces have joined together over and under our damaged earth’s atmosphere. Glaciers, cold ice, weather patterns, and stable ocean temperatures have been slammed by the increasing temperatures of the atmosphere. We used to think of our polar and mountainous ice as immovable forces. The effects of the overuse and misuse of our planet’s resources have created rapidly increased melting pressures on these structures.

Ice and “warming” are forces that inevitably are incompatible and lead to global instability. We know this. Could it be that the challenge of cooperation between our regional, national, and global institutions has become the planet’s greater immovable force? Today’s moment in time is a juncture of critical proportions.
Cotton, raw silk
Hand dyed, painted, fused, appliquéd