Gatheron, Guardian of the Guild

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Gatheron, Guardian of the Guild
38 in
54 in
0.25 in
(97 cm x 137 cm x 1 cm)
Photo Credit
Paula Klingerman
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The Medieval, magical Gatheron, a play on quilt "gatherings" is fierce and whimsical. Gatheron is an example of how I let the fabric drive the design. The movement and heat in the fire, the decaying teeth, the textures used in the body all guided the design of the final piece.
commercial and hand dyed cottons, rayon thread for sheen, some cotton thread, Swarovski crystal.
The piece is fused, machine appliqued, and machine quilted on my home machine. I tried to let the fabric create light and shadow. I sued a crystal to bring the dragon's eye to life. I used an artistic binding to enhance the expanse of the wings.