Garden Without Seasons

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Garden Without Seasons
70 in
28 in
(178 cm x 71 cm)
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Our world of clothing is a paradox of exploitation and waste. Garment manufacture has become a lightning-quick cycle of Third World, vastly underpaid and overworked women, flimsy fabric, simple patterns, and knock-off designs to keep Western consumers supplied with cheap clothes. We wear them briefly and discard them. Inserting myself into this cyclical dilemma, I found that used clothing offered itself up for inspired transformation into sculptural objects with holes and folds, which draped or cast shadows.

Garden without Seasons references a coral formation created from deconstructed shirt fabric loops. We connect with material on a deeper level when we recognize its previous life. Artists can lead the way by reclaiming what was headed for the ignoble dump and infusing it with purpose, whimsy, and dignity—as art.
Deconstructed men's dress shirts
Cut, sewn, glued