Fugitive Pieces 11

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Fugitive Pieces 11
68 in
43 in
(173 cm x 109 cm)
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(Courtesy of the International Quilt Museum)

The ongoing "Fugitive Pieces" series are all whole cloth cotton quilts. The cloth is irregularly fan folded in one direction, and then irregularly fan folded in another direction, making a repeat within the bundle of cloth. This bundle is held between wooden boards with clamps during the dyeing process. The irregular folding and the dyeing create a deep space and subtle luminous forms. For me this process parallels the fractured narrative of Anne Michaels' book, "Fugitive Pieces," and the resulting imagery suggest themes of trauma, grief, loss, memory, and discovery.

The dyeing involves layering pattern by adding and subtracting color repeatedly; leaving hints and marks of what was there before. The stitching brings an important dimension to the work. Through machine quilting I accentuate color nuances and imagery, playing cloth and thread against each other. Overall, I aim for subtle narrative spaces.
Hand-dyed clamp-resist patterned cotton, cotton batting, hand-dyed silk and cotton thread, all dyed by the artist.
Whole cloth, clamp-resist patterned itajime shibori. Long arm machine quilted with hand-dyed silk and cotton thread. All cloth and thread dyed by the artist.