Four R's

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Four R's
18 in
11 in
6 in
(46 cm x 28 cm x 15 cm)
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John Bonath
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It’s hard to imagine an effective way to personally impact the vast challenges facing our planet. I’ve started by controlling what is in my immediate sphere of influence—my own behavior. As a textile artist, I’m acutely aware of my materials: what they are made of; how they are manufactured; what demands they make on our water, air quality, and use of energy; and their ultimate disposal problems. I decided to start with the four R’s: Reclaim, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. I’ve altered many source materials in my studio and researched reduced water and lower energy intensive processes in creating my work. In constructing Four R’s, I layered, laminated, and pieced grocery and retail plastic bags together. Within this personal crazy quilt of affirmative steps, I can impact a path toward greater sustainability.
Plastic grocery and retail bags, cardboard from shipping boxes
Layered, laminated, pieced, appliquéd, burned, stitched