Forest Walk

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Forest Walk
86 in
67 in
(218 cm x 170 cm)
Photo Credit
Gary Durbin
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(Courtesy of the National Quilt Museum)

The redwood forest is a favorite place for me. This scene called to me to make it into a quilt. It was challenging to get the mood of the forest; but I enjoyed making the piece very much. The quilt was widely enjoyed as I displayed it and was purchased by the National Quilt Museum for their permanent collection.
Hundreds of printed cotton fabrics, Wool batting, nylon tulle overlay, and many colors of Superior Triloble poly thread.
My Mosaic piecing method along with free form collage. I use a foundation to build the picture giving it stability and a real size working area. The raw edge pieces are overlaid with tulle and then heavily machine quilted on a domestic machine. Tiny piping edges the quilt along with binding.