Forest in New England

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Forest in New England
55 in
84 in
(140 cm x 213 cm)
Photo Credit
Nagamitsu Endo
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As a translator for an American professor researching antique Japanese quilts. I had the chance to visit Hyogo in central Japan, famous for Banshu-Ori weaving. I purchased lots of fabric and went home with a bagful. It was Yarn-dyed and good for confetti natures capes as the back of the fabric is the same color. Since I had plenty of Banshu-Ori fabric, the next year I entered their contest. the rule was to use at least 70% of Banshu-Ori in the quilt and I won the Silver Award, which gave me lots of energy to work on more quilts. on the back I used up all of the two-inch samples fabric.
Cotton, tulle
Small pieces covered with tulle and machine quilted