Flyover 6 Glacier

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Flyover 6 Glacier
50 in
43 in
(127 cm x 109 cm)
Photo Credit
Rick Wells
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I have camped at the foot of a small glacier, dived into a glacial lake, sailed up to a glacier calving icebergs into the sea, and observed a glacier shrinking in the warming climate. Once I walked out onto a glacier. Large boulders, gravel, mounds of dirt, and debris littered the yellowish-brown ice; an ever-changing environment interacting with surrounding mountains. There were birds and an occasional mouse or squirrel. The glacier groaned sporadically as it moved. I remember most vividly the feeling of vast, ancient, inexorable power. Even a small glacier is a massive force, demanding respect. We can, and should, work to slow global warming, but these are great forces. The glaciers may disappear again, until a new ice age begins.
Acrylic sweaters, woven placemats, embroidered upholstery fabric, polyester velvet, cording, cotton piping, beads, stones, canvas
Crocheted, knitted, corded, pleated, oil paintsticks, couched, hand embroidered, machine quilted, beaded, manipulated