Flyover 10 - Dancing in the Rainbow Mountains

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Flyover 10 - Dancing in the Rainbow Mountains
48 in
36 in
3 in
(122 cm x 91 cm x 8 cm)
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There are at least two ranges of rainbow mountains, one in China and one in Peru. I had never heard of the real rainbow mountains when I began work, it was just a whimsical title. This wholecloth art piece is made from an Indonesian batik, stitched, couched, embroidered, and embellished. Upon a little research I was struck by the similarity of my colors to the geological formations. The final dancing shape of the piece came about all by itself - clearly I have pretty much abandoned straight edges in favor of movement.
Indonesian batik poncho, cotton and hemp cording, threads, yarns, beads, wool batting, cotton backing and facing
Couched, crochet, beaded, pleated, hand embroidered, machine quilted