Floral Form I

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Floral Form I
47 in
36 in
(119 cm x 91 cm)
Photo Credit
Karen Bell
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This is the first in my Floral Form Series. The design evolved from one of my smaller pieces that was made for the Journal Quilt project (a quilt a month for nine months). I was drawn to this floral image, partly because of the lovely graceful shapes, but also because of the ambiguous and archetypal quality of the figure. It is definitely a flower of some sort, but it is not clear exactly which one. An iris? A calla lily? I have found that viewers like to be able to define images, and with this quilt, there is a wide range of possibilities.

Occasionally I create realistic designs, but I much prefer abstract or fantasy designs because the artist is allowed more freedom. When the imagery is personal or whimsical, the artist may choose more imaginative color schemes and consequently have more fun with the palette. That was the case here. My imaginary flowers come in a wide range of colors and never whither or die.
Cotton fabric, cotton batt, cotton and rayon thread
Machine pieced and quilted