Flag for the Americas

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Flag for the Americas
74 in
50 in
(188 cm x 127 cm)
Photo Credit
Mary S. Rezny Photography
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Three flags were created to relate to the Quincentennial Celebration of Christopher Columbus' discovery of America were inspired by the real truth that was hidden from me as a child in school about Europeans coming to America. The adventure to discover a new route to India which led Columbus to the new world was not to save souls alone which was stated by the Catholic nuns in grammar school, but was really motivated by greed for the gold, land wealth, and eventually led to colonialism and genocide.

The Flag For The Americas represents my bringing together all of the flag colors of both hemispheres of the Americas and Canada. The flag is in the form of the USA flag because of the influence the USA has over both hemispheres. It is also created from fabrics that are cottons that have been indigenous ikat dyed and hand woven, as well as, machine printed fabric with black and white graphics of the "Dia de los muertas" (Day of the dead) skeletons and twenty-first century space ships. The cut out embroidered white stars are scattered and layered behind the green flag star field are purple skeletons on a hot pink field. An ornate fringe is used to replicate the elaborate gold frames found traditionally on post-Colombian Spanish art works during the European conquest period of the Americas.
USA flag, commercial and hand ikat dyed and woven fabric, netting, paint, colored threads, braid, rayon fringe, fabric backed, Velcro
Layered, machine stitched, cutout stars