Five Tuskers and a Temptress

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Five Tuskers and a Temptress
38 in
44.5 in
(97 cm x 113 cm)
Photo Credit
James Dee
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In my garden elephants climb and play high up in the trees, women dance and flowers grow beneath a sliver of a pink moon. I am inspired by my family, both present and long gone and decades of work as a psychotherapist, eating disorder specialist,musical theater actress and yoga teacher. My artwork has a sense of enchantment, freedom and courage that most people long for. My objective is to move people and instill a sense of hopefulness that is dormant within themselves until they realize that they posses the energy to inspire others. I treasure my time spent in my Island studio where I can connect with nature, the salt air and find inspiration all around me.
Hand dyed cotton fabrics by the artist, cotton batting, Procion dyes, textile markers, pigma pens, polyester and cotton threads, Swarovski crystals
Fused applique, free motion and machine quilted, low water immersion dye,heat set Swarovski crystals