Final Frenzy

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Final Frenzy
41.5 in
30.5 in
1 in
(105 cm x 77 cm x 3 cm)
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Final Frenzy started with my desire to make an abstract art quilt inspired by a song from the stage play Tommy. Since I was using geometric shapes and the colors black, white, and red, I incorporated black screening, its color and regularity leading me to include more non-fabric fibers. The project really came together when I used a black vegetable produce bag as a central and repeated motif in the quilt's image. The bag's weave allowed me to create a pattern of black against the grey toned fabric, adding movement and dimension. I was able to attach all the upcycled materials using my sewing machine.
Cotton, window screening, vegetable produce bags
Designed, cut, pieced, stitched