Facing Down The Pandemic: The Cubist Scream

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Facing Down The Pandemic: The Cubist Scream
27.5 in
22.5 in
(70 cm x 57 cm)
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Confined to my home for an indeterminate period of time, I have experienced many moods, including intense periods of creativity, coupled with sadness, loss, joy and gratefulness. But, sometimes, I simply feel trapped. I have lost control of my destiny. What happens next? Who knows? Frustrated, we look at familiar images in new ways - different angles, different approaches. Hence, "Facing Down the Pandemic: The Cubist Scream."
Fabric hand-dyed by the artist (red), commercial cottons; fused raw edge appliqué; heavily machine quilted on stationary home machine, using mostly rayon thread with some variegated gray/black/silver