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11 in
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(28 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm)
Photo Credit
Paul Rogers
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Two little wrens hop through the landscape while a metal hose and pipe encroach on the deceptively picturesque scene. Amidst the soft yellow-orange buds, the human intrusion looks out of place. The cannon-like end of the pipe is aimed directly at the marsh wren. A sedge wren, its species threatened in New England, perches atop the arced hose, surveying the intrusion. The center of this rich marshland is marred by a brown, muddy scar cut by the tires of a huge machine.

I use knitting and yarn in my sculptures to draw people in. These techniques and materials pique curiosity while their familiarity evokes comfort, enabling me to raise serious questions in a gentle voice. The domesticity of yarn elicits a connection between the viewer and this nature scene, suggesting the common threat presented by environmental degradation.
Handspun yarns, commercial yarn, canvas, wire, wood, plumbing components
Knitted, felted, handspun, sewn