Embrace Circularity

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Embrace Circularity
34 in
28 in
(86 cm x 71 cm)
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The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful consumer industries in the world. Its linear production model of take-make-waste results in depleted resources, harmful pollution, and growing landfills. With the popularity of fast fashion, almost 75% of clothing is thrown away but only 12% ends up being recycled.

Asking consumers to simply change their buying habits is not enough. The entire clothing industry needs to shift to a circular production model which focuses on implementing sustainable options at every stage of the product lifecycle, from design to disposal.

The key to the circular model is to utilize existing resources, with a focus on longevity and re-use so that waste can be minimized. Businesses, governments, and individuals all need to work together to create innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.
Acrylic paint; repurposed canvas painting tarp, sewing patterns, clothing strips, clothing labels, plastic bags, recycled tissue paper
Mixed media collaged, painted, machine stitched