Earthen Abode

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Earthen Abode
25 in
38 in
(64 cm x 97 cm)
Photo Credit
Forrest Doud
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This summer I was fortunate to visit a quaint turf home located by the sea in Isafjordur, Iceland. The guide explained how they are sustainable, withstanding the passage of time. These green-cloaked dwellings first appeared during the Viking Age in Europe, and they melted into the natural landscape. They provided better insulation against the harsh, northern climate than buildings made from only stone or wood. Durable, renewable, and widely available, turf was laid over a timber structure to form walls and a thick roof. After wetland plants died, dryland grasses grew over the roofs and provided further stability. While Icelanders hold on to their beloved heritage, these sustainable earthen abodes can still be found scattered throughout the countryside, some inhabited and some preserved for individuals to visit.
Cotton, photograph, mixed media
Digitally manipulated, commercially printed, quilted