A Different Twist

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A Different Twist
36 in
20 in
2 in
(91 cm x 51 cm x 5 cm)
Photo Credit
Ralph Núñez
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My work tends to react in relationship to the space it is in. The interplay of light and shadow on the work, walls, floor and ceiling transform the viewer's perspective. People can interact with each sculpture; slight movement causes the work to move changing ever so slightly how you see it. The work is not stagnant.

I employ a sewing machine and techniques to create innovative, dimensional constructed fabric sculptures. Non-traditional items are also used such as wire mesh fabric, grommets, mylar, metal rods, metal tubing rubber o-rings and rubber tubing.
Mylar, aluminum rod, wire mesh fabric, rubber o-rings, grommets, artist hand dyed fabric, thread, rubber tubing
Machine quilted