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The earthbound phoenix dreams of flying.
After eons asleep beneath its own ashes, the majestic phoenix finally awakens, stretches his wings, and appears to smile as he lifts his beak upward and prepares to soar once again.
The phoenix represents all of us who long to break free of our public images to become our true selves.
It represents the child who asserts his independence to pursue his own dreams.
And it represents artists who follow their own creative muses instead of conforming to popular trends.
As a textile sculptor, I enjoy molding fabric into 3-D birds, then layering more fabric for texture, and adding trims and other embellishments to create character.
Gradually the bird’s personality emerges. But it’s not something I plan. It's almost as if the bird is telling me who it is, and I am simply an obedient conduit. The result is as much a surprise to me as it is to the viewer.
Cotton fabric, polyester fiber stuffing, thread, lace, acrylic paint, beads, buttons, Swarovski crystals, wire, yarn, feathers, polymer clay, and other mixed media.
Hand and machine quilting, layered and stitched fabrics, free-motion embroidery, hand embroidery, paint, beading, wire sculpting.