Desert Wild Flowers

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Desert Wild Flowers
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(46 cm x 97 cm x 3 cm)
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I took pictures of these wild flowers while on a bird watching tour of the eastern Sierras in Nevada and California. To see the tiny flowers that had been printed on the fabric, clearly, I enlarged them while doing the embroidery and appliqued them to their original background. There are eight 8 by 8 inch quilts mounted on 8 by 8 inch cradled boards so they stand out a bit from the wall when hung.
They are: Stream Violet, Sierra Forget Me Not, Yellow Throats (Sans Yellow), Prickly Poppy, Stanbury's Phlox, Tansyleaf Suncup, Torrey's Monkey Flower, Pussy Paws. This group if part of the 80 pieces I created the year I was celebrating my 80th birthday. I did finish 80 small (8 by 8 inch) artwork before my 81 birthday.
Cotton fabric I had printed (by Spoonflower) with my photographs of the wild flowers, thread, 8 cradled boards for mounting
Free-motion machine embroidery, applique, quilting.