Daily Somethings

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Daily Somethings
33 in
28 in
(84 cm x 71 cm)
Photo Credit
Andreas Hasak
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For a specified period during the year 2019, every day, I would 'pick something up', either from somewhere in my house, or a piece of debris on the street or a card I had been using that was expired, or at my workplace, and envelop that into a wrapping of organza. These small packages were stitched together and assembled in a random manner. Thus a kind of diary of part of the year developed, ranging from 'somethings' that didn't really have anything to do with me to very personal things, such as little pieces from my trip to South Africa. The randomness of life, and life's remnants, is stitched into little packages and layered.
Organza, picked up random objects, cotton thread