The Da Vinci Enigma

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The Da Vinci Enigma
88 in
60 in
0.5 in
(224 cm x 152 cm x 1 cm)
Photo Credit
Michelle Knoerzer
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A rescued deck of tarot cards printed with the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci became inspiration for the collaboration of eight North Texas quilters and fiber artists. They drew cards from the deck and used the Leonardo drawings as prompts for a challenge, each choosing a color to be explored in a given month. Working with favorite materials and techniques, the artists created 5" x 7" art-quilt cards probing the diverse themes of the cards in the deck. The final quilt-like assemblage of three-layer cards mounted on screening has been shown in quilt shows and furthers dialogue on the question "What is a quilt?"

Collaborating artists: Connie Akers, Flo Barry, Michelle Knoerzer, Sara Miller, Lu Peters, Carolyn Skei, Brenda Wyatt, Gay Young

Note: When "Enigma" has been displayed with both sides visible, viewers have been able to see the Leonardo prompts in pockets on the back.
Commercial fabrics, hand-dyed and surface-designed fabrics, recycled materials, silks, cottons, canvas, cork, assorted papers, ribbons, beads, assorted threads, window screen (mounting material).
Collaging, fusing, printing, screen printing, quilting, machine and hand embroidery, thread play, embellishment with beads, buttons, ribbons, etc.