The Contact: Cross Polarized Gabbro

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The Contact: Cross Polarized Gabbro
85 in
25 in
(216 cm x 64 cm)
Photo Credit
Bill Bachhuber
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This is one in a series of over 30 quilts that I call The Contact. I am pursuing the Sierra Nevada of California, from the geologic formations formed eons ago to the crystals you can see under a microscope.
Gabbro is a dark intrusive rock that is sometimes associated with gold-bearing quartz veins. It is monotonous and plain to the naked eye, but polarized light passing through a 30-micron thin section reveals an infinite variety of sharply contrasting crystal twins of feldspar intergrown with colorful pyroxene.
Cotton sateen, silk organza
Hand painted and printed with thickened dyes, raw-edge machine assembly, hand and machine quilted