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57 in
38 in
(145 cm x 97 cm)
Photo Credit
Rick Wells
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Flight Path began with lengths of cotton, a three-color paint palette and a variety of brushes and innovative found tools at hand.

Painting on unprepared white fabric with black and yellow paint, using my chosen tools for mark making commenced

Adding pieces of commercial fabric served to facilitate the movement of the eye where I needed it by way of value contrast and to diversify texture.

Embroidery is not referred to as slow stitching for nothing! Persistence pays off. Up to this point my stitch choices were all straight, in keeping with the overall abstract design of the piece. However, I realized I had already strayed from that abstraction by adding some representational elements, so I went with it and with some lightness and whimsy on the last embroidery stitches.

Finally, it lays bare the basics before allowing my feelings concerned with love and humanity to mingle with the facts, lines and angles to add basic structure – to flourish with hope in my heart on my Flight Path.
Cotton, paint
Hand painted, raw edge appliquéd, machine stitched, hand embroidered