Coastal title

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Coastal title
66.3 in
44.1 in
0.8 in
(168 cm x 112 cm x 2 cm)
Photo Credit
Andrew Payne
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The art quilt was made in 1999 after the heavy seas and windstorms of Christmas 1998 eroded some more of the coast on Australia's eastern seaboard.
The design inspiration is the coastal environment with the inner turmoil of the ocean, the impact of the sky reflecting on the sea, and the splash of sun as an object enters the sea.
The quilt also explores the boundary between the sky and sea, the sea and land, and does it actually exist. The edges are blurred and continue to be so!
Coastal Title is the sister quilt to Strata Title, my first art quilt, which explored rock strata and edges.
Commercial silks, cotton batik and satins
Fused appliqu� and machine quilting