Celebration #2

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Celebration #2
84 in
64 in
(213 cm x 163 cm)
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This quilt is a celebration of pattern and color. The design grew out of a series of abstract sketches, loosely based on some original, spiral quilting patterns that I have used in many of my quilts. Some of the fabrics were hand dyed in gradations. Others were painted in gradations, resulting in more visual texture. Some were painted with multiple colors on fabrics that had been manipulated into folds, resulting in lots of pattern and contrast.

The free-motion quilting was all done freehand, with no marking. I just made it up as I went. I used many different patterns and dozens of different thread colors, matching the background color in some areas and adding contrast in others.

The back is made from two fabrics in my Splash collection for Benartex, and the stripe down the center is made from left-over painted fabrics from the front.
Hand dyed and painted, machine pieced and quilted