Brain Cells

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Brain Cells
35 in
43.5 in
(89 cm x 110 cm)
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Brain Cells is a whimsical and imaginative view of what part of my brain might look like under a microscope. There are probably paisley-patterned creatures sloshing around in there. Perhaps there are segmented sections of information, seeking a place to grab hold and settle in. There are certainly sparks of illuminated light in my brain, as well as dark and crowded corners. Strands of small, button-like cells may be trying to hold memories together in some of my brain spaces. And straight-edged, sharp-cornered structures surely and stubbornly exist, although they may be pink with polka dots. It seemed appropriate to add pajama fabric, as my brain gets lazier with age.
Cotton, painted nonwoven fabric, dryer sheets, buttons
Raw-edge collaged, hand and machine appliqu├ęd, hand and machine quilted