Bottle Study

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Bottle Study
24 in
36 in
2 in
(61 cm x 91 cm x 5 cm)
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Linda Hall
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Working at a larger scale works better with wool fibers and I was able to recreate the look of sunlight on glass outdoors. It was a good study in developing the light, cast shadow, transparency of the glass, etc., which is normally not associated with wool as a medium.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in Columbia, MD
Bottle Study - Second Place Prize winner, 2010


Linda Hall has been working artistically with fabric and thread almost nonstop since the 7th grade, when she first discovered the sewing machine. Although she was working with and teaching the craftsmanship of Traditional Quilting, she was always experimenting with fabric and texture for her quilts. Several years ago she was introduced to the Needle Felting machine and her work took a creative turn. She began using hand-dyed wool in the style of the Impressionists and published a book on the subject in October of 2010. Her wall hangings have travelled extensively to national quilt shows and galleries, been published in various books, magazines, calendars and on television. Her work has also been sold to private collectors and others hang in public spaces. Linda belongs to the Studio Art Quilters Association, The Surface Design Association, and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Guild Network.

Artist's Statement

After my own experimentation and research into the development of the Embellisher needle felting machine and traditional hand felting techniques around the world, I was asked to prepare a presentation for a regional Quilters Guild. After I finished the presentation the guild members told me, "You need to write a book about machine needle felting." I knew someone needed to do that, but I did not know how to begin or who would publish such a book.

The next day, I wandered into the local Babylock Embellisher machine dealership, Pottstown Sewing with Ron and Barb Spaulding, to ask some questions about the felting machines. The regional representative from Tacony Corporation (the makers of the Babylock Embellisher machine) was there also. After showing them pictures of my work, they said, "You should write a book and we'll make it happen." After some arrangements with Tacony Corporation, the Spauldings and I began putting into print what I had been doing for the past couple of years. And so, here it is, "The Art of Machine Needle Felting Book and CD." So far, it has been sold on every continent worldwide (except Antarctica) many times since its release in October of 2010. This book was featured on the television program "Sewing With Nancy TV" and can be viewed at the following link: For more information about needle felting visit my website at: and click on the Online Store or Needle Felting tabs. I also publish a blog especially for machine needle felters to find tutorials and information about this new medium. You can view it at:
sheep, alpaca wool; flannel, monofilament thread; stretched on Artist Canvas
machine needle felting; machine trapunto quilting