Binary Contours

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Binary Contours
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Taylor Dabney
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This work explores the textures and forms of woven fabric and the stitched line. I start with enlarged and altered images of my hand dyed and stitched pieces digitally print them and then add more machine quilting. The resulting fabrics are a twenty-first century blend of low and high tech processes. The finished object has the structure of a quilt, but the images are informed by contemporary design traditions with references to traditional textile forms. My goal is the creation of a contemplative object, both beautiful and evocative, both well crafted and spontaneous in design
Cotton sateen, dye, cotton batting, and cotton backing.
Techniques: Face fabric is ink jet printed with dye. Digital image is of hand dyed, hand embroidered, and machine quilted fabric - digitally enlarged and modified. This fabric is supplemented with free motion quilting. Back fabric is shibori discharged commercially dyed fabric.

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