Another Chair at the Table

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Another Chair at the Table
72 in
12 in
3 in
(183 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm)
Photo Credit
Margaret Darcher
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Early on, my mother and grandmother took the time to educate me on the relationship of food and culture. They knew that how a meal looked was as important as how it tasted. And meals were more than meat and potatoes; whatever was in season or foraged was highlighted. Brought up on the farm, both women knew the effort farm-to-table took, and their food was always shared with others.

I have passed on their skills and sentiments to my family, and they have an appreciation of good food. They are all good cooks, including my youngest who put herself through college as a baker. Another Chair at the Table incorporates fragments from family kitchen textiles, and pieced-together images of the food and recipes that continue to nourish and sustain our growth.
Cotton, silk, linen hand towel, rolling pin
Digitally manipulated, printed, dyed with coffee, red wine, and blackberries, machine pieced, machine quilted, free motion stitched, rust dyed with cast iron