No Limits - new Virtual Gallery on display!

Crafted exclusively for online viewers

The Virtual Gallery committee is pleased to introduce SAQA's Virtual Gallery Program.  For our debut, we created No Limits to showcase the unbounded possibilities of the online format, while presenting the best in art quilts.

The 24 pieces selected make a strong, diverse collection. What our members create is amazing, and the parameters are wide open: an art quilt is “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched structure.” Within that framework, we looked for artistic intent, successful realization of that intent, and skillful handling of the medium. Above all, we favored pieces that engaged us and lingered in our minds long after we looked at them. We hope you feel the same way.

Selected Artists

Iina Alho - Lyset du treng finst / The light you need exists
Linda Fjeldsted Blust - Lulu, an African Grey Crowned Crane
Annette Boncek - To frack or not to frack
Maryte Collard - Leaves
Shannon Conley - Kirigami #1
Kacey Cowdery - Path of Life
Donna Deaver - Lay Me to Rest on the Hill by the Sea
Tamar Drucker - Is it Digital?
Andrea S. Finch - Magnolia Grandiflora III      
Judith Quinn Garnett - Amalgam
Jayne Bentley Gaskins - The Lowly Fire Hydrant
Julia Graber - The Ole Pete
Paula Gron - Humboltia
Wendy Hill - Configurations
Vera Holmgren - No title
Suzanne E. Munroe - Connected
Claire Passmore - Storm
The Pixeladies - Cyber InSecurity
Amanda Snavely - Just Add Color
Jean Sredl - All Things Precious
Andra Stanton - Fairy Rings
Marijke van Welzen - Serpent
Deborah Weir - Alcatraz 5
Joan Lee Wolfer - The Last Stitch