Congratulations to the artists selected for Street Art Virtual Gallery!

Congratulations to the artists selected by curators Elisabeth Nacenta-de la Croix and Isabelle Wiessler for the new Virtual Gallery - Street Art.

In this call, we asked artists to be inspired by Street Art. The curators noted that the selected pieces offered great variety of artistic expressions from graffiti to tags, from frescos to optical illusion, political and controversial pieces and even some stencil paintings.

Selected Artists:

Margaret L Abramshe (Utah, USA) - Warrior
Judith S Ahlborn (Colorado, USA) - Street View New Orleans
Iina Alho (Norway) - Prehistoric Street Art #1
Linda Anderson (California, USA) - Leaving Town
Terry Aske (British Columbia, Canada) - The Writing is on the Wall
Helen E Blumen (Maryland, USA) - Under the Thumb
Melani Kane Brewer (Florida, USA) - Nessun Dorma - Let No One Sleeps
Alison Charlton (Queensland, Australia) - It's written on the wall
Jette Clover (Belgium) - Letter Landscape 13
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - Street Graffiti
Lorraine Conway (New Mexico, USA) - Urban Rose
Katriina Flensburg (Sweden) - Signs
Michele Hardy (Colorado, USA) - Surfaces #30
Helene Hein (Germany) - Homage to Florence street artist K. (exit.enter.k)
Duffy Indeherberg (Belgium) - Another crack in the wall
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - One in Every Color
Natalya Khorover (New York, USA) - Rhetoric
Catherine Kleeman (Maryland, USA) - Post No Bills
Kristin La Flamme (Oregon, USA) - War Sucks
Eleanor Levie (Pennsylvania, USA) - A-OK
Sherri Lipman  McCauley (Texas, USA) - Graffiti
Stefanie Neuner (South Carolina, USA) - Magical Unicorn
Dan Olfe (California, USA) - Graffiti #2
Claire Passmore (Mauritius) - Inner Strength
Judith Plotner (New York, USA) - A New York Conversation
Susan Rienzo (Florida, USA) - Point Break
Deborah Rocha (Massachusetts, USA) - AmericanUS Series, Modus Motoristus
Bronwyn Yamasaki (Japan) - Rose-tint Tokyo
Marian Zielinski (Georgia, USA) - Griffith and Broadway

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