Congratulations to the artists selected for Joining Threads!

Congratulations to the artists selected for the SAQA Global Exhibition Joining Threads! This exhibition will be on display at Timeless Textiles in Newcastle, NSW, Australia from August 13, 2024 through September 16, 2024.

Selected Artists:

Regula Affolter (Switzerland) - the extras are running
Ludmila Aristova (New York, USA) - Folding & Unfolding
Geneviève Attinger (France) - Jazz & Java
Nancy Bardach (California, USA) - Water & Fire
Bobbi Baugh (Florida, USA) - The Flying Wallendas
Helen Beaven (New Zealand) - Which Way Up?
Anne Bellas (France) - Avant et après la pluie (Before and after the Rain)
Anna Brown (NSW, Australia) - Canopy 30 - Climate action
Sandra Champion (Tasmania, Australia) - 'worst of the worst' #4
Shin-hee Chin (Kansas, USA) - Diptych in Gold and Blue: Daffodils in the Lake and Stars in the Milky Way
Fenella Davies (United Kingdom) - Copse
Sarah Lykins Entsminger (Virginia, USA) - East Graham Bay 2
Dianne Firth (ACT, Australia) - Black and White
Victoria Gutierrez (Nevada, USA) - Blueprint for a Broken Planet
Laurel Izard (Indiana, USA) - Inside and Out
Clover L Kemp (Maryland, USA) - Seed Dispersion
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - American Portraits:  Bitter & Sweet
Pat Kroth (Wisconsin, USA) - Hot and Cool Jazz
Deborah A Kuster (Arkansas, USA) - Matisse and Picasso
Mary-Ellen Latino (California, USA) - Poetry of the Sea!, var.2
Alicia Merrett (United Kingdom) - War and Peace
Julie-Anne Rogers (NSW, Australia) - Regeneration
Lynne Seaman (United Kingdom) - Seeking Simplicity: Threads 6&7
Anna Wagner-Ott (Ontario, Canada) - Meandering
Geraldine Warner (Washington, USA) - Early Spring
Laura Wasilowski (Illinois, USA) - Fine Line Trees Summer and Autumn
Hope Wilmarth (Texas, USA) - Reflections I and II
Zara Zannettino (SA, Australia) - Dichotomy