Congratulations to the artists selected for Imprisoned!

Virtual Gallery of selected pieces available for viewing October 1

Congratulations to the 27 artists selected by curator  Mieke Leenders for the Virtual Gallery Imprisoned. An online gallery of selected pieces will be available for viewing October 1.

Selected Artists:

Margaret Abramshe (Utah, USA) - Raven of War
Linda Anderson (Oregon, USA) - Finding Comfort
Marie Bergstedt (California, USA) - Decisions
Jayni Bloch (Ontario, Canada) - Find the Medicine for the Poison of Imprisoned Pain
Phyllis Cullen (Hawaii, USA) - No Sky Inside
Judith Duffield (Colorado, USA) - This Should Keep Her Quiet
Linda Geiger (Florida, USA) - Ever After
Heather A. Hager (Ontario, Canada) - Perpetrator and Victim
Christine Hager-Braun (North Carolina, USA) - Wall of Depression
Silvana Therp Hansen (Denmark) - The Invisible Pain
Alexandra Kingswell (United Kingdom) - Reaching out: tentative connections in an age of pandemic
Zwia Lipkin (California, USA) - It’s a Perilous World
Joanna Mack (Ohio, USA) - Dreams of Freedom
Tracie L. Maryne (British Columbia, Canada) - Entangled
Kathleen A McCabe (California, USA) - Incarcerated
Linda Mushka (Saskatchewan, Canada) - Cages of our own Making
Dan B. Olfe (California, USA) - Alcatraz #2
Danuta Dana Owczarek (Poland) - My friend Tom
Tina Sommer Paaske (Denmark) - Isolation
Daena Schofield (New Zealand) - Experiencing Epilepsy
Candace Hackett Shively (Georgia, USA) - Unsafe, Unseen, Unheard
Jean Sredl (Wisconsin, USA) - Pieces
Maggie Vanderweit (Ontario, Canada) - Crime Scene
Erika Weber (California, USA) - Weary Blues
Deborah Weir (California, USA) - Alcatraz 5
Vickie Wheatley (Kentucky, USA) - Anxieties #9: Collision Course
Kathy York (Texas, USA) - Half In Half Out