SAQA Journal 2018 Vol. 28 No. 1

SAQA Journal 2018 Vol. 28 No. 1


Thoughts from the president - Thoughts from the president: Time for reflection (Lisa Ellis)
Editor's Notes - Is it math that proves our worth?
Professional Development - Learning from failure not as painful as it sounds (Quinn McDonald)
Featured Artist - Hilde Morin: Pieced works of built, natural enviornment invite viewers to explore 'reality' (Cindy Grisdela)
SAQA Regions - Local Connections prove popular way to build camaraderie (Diane Harris Powers)
SAQA Exhibition: Textile Posters (Gallery)
Pricing Got You Down? Never fear -- math saves the day! (Diane Howell)
Step-by-step Pricing Tutorial (Dena Dale Crain)
Member Gallery: High Stakes
Installation art: Experience pairs desire to create with notable spaces (Linda McCurry)
Yvonne Porcella VOY nominations
Inspired by: A Child's Eye (N.K. Quan)
SAQA Regional Exhibition: Stitched Together - Midwest (Virginia A. Spiegel)
A whole lot of art quilts you can't take with you (Dorothy Raymond)
JAM Showcase

Cover Art - Material In Element (Hilde Morin)

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SAQA Journal
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