Three Women Who Quilt


In the Main Gallery:

Lea McComas | A Stitch in Time | Moments Captured in Fabric and Thread

People fascinate me; everyone has a tale to tell. I love to watch those who cross my path and imagine the nature of their stories. In a world, too often polarized, I believe we connect with others when we stop, look at each other, find our commonality, and respect our uniqueness. My art is an extension of that fascination with the human experience.   It’s about capturing stories with fabric and thread.

Sharon L. Schlotzhauer | Joy in the Journey

Sharon’s real passion for quilting came when she began designing and creating her own art and wall quilts. She enjoys trying new methods and developing new ideas and has a wide range of design, use of color, construction methods and techniques. The common thread running through all her work is the use of some form of embellishment, fabric enhancement, and/or dimensional features, in various ways. She has been quilting for more than 2 decades, entering her first competition in August of 2004. Her quilts continue to appear in juried shows and recognized both statewide and nationally. They are also found in numerous publications and private collections.

In the Northeast Gallery:

Jane Mathews | Take Cover | Art Quilting in Paper

Take Cover is the result of 30 years of making paper quilts. During this time, I traveled to foreign countries, mostly to learn about many different textile techniques. I was impressed by how people made crafts from the plants and animals in their environment. My own environment is filled with paper. Thus my quilts are all made with recycled papers which I paint, cut, and stitch by machine. I sometimes include cloth in the composition, in addition to the protective cloth binding on the paper quilt. The title, Take Cover, came to me in the middle of the night, when I realized that textiles are mostly covers. We are born into them and die in them. We use them for protection, identity, and status.

August 13th at 2:00 pm
Jane Mathews presents:Take Cover

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