SAQA Mentorship Program - Call for Mentors

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Becoming a mentor to a developing artist has many benefits

Sharing your knowledge and experience makes you feel good and can be very empowering.  Remember the challenges you faced when you were first starting out?  Wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone you could turn to for advice and feedback to avoid those missteps you took? 

There is a great deal of personal satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are helping someone else achieve their creative goals.  It also challenges you to stay at the top of your game in order to provide your protege with the best feedback and guidance you can, which may in turn inspire you with some fresh ideas and perspectives on your own work.

When you become a mentor, you create a legacy that has a lasting impact on your protege. You’ll also be helping the SAQA organization to promote the art quilt through education and professional development.

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