The Definitive Print with Pat Pauly


Print fabric with strong graphic motif, and you have a definitive print. Yes, we will add layers that become great overall backgrounds, as well as focus on graphics that define the composition. Pick a handful of strong motifs — from light and airy to big and bold – and use them to create spectacular printed fabric. Combine motifs to create whole cloth prints, or overall prints, or some to cut later and use in fiber work. Use your graphic motifs in several techniques from linear prints, to monoprints, to screened images. The class will rely on value as well as color to pull prints that relate, and graphics that will unite pieces for definitive prints. Knowledge of dye processes helpful but not critical.

Tuition: $1050

Artwork by Pat Pauly

More Info

Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Venue Info

Madeline Island School of the Arts
978 Middle Road
La Pointe, WI 54850
United States

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