Animal Kingdom

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THEME: Animals, in all their shapes and sizes.

TITLE: Animal Kingdom 
We all love animals. They're all around us – in our gardens, our trees, in the air, underground. But we also fear them. They stare at us through the grass, pop up out of the water, and circle above us. They treat us with suspicion but they investigate us. And they  come to find us – they climb into our gardens, crawl across our floors, and sit on our tables. Animals are amazing, fascinating, and ubiquitous. They can be strange, terrifying, beautiful, enigmatic, affectionate and intimidating. They fill our dreams, our books, our songs, and our art. They are predators and friends, dependents and therapists!

Painting, drawing, sculpture, video, photography, textiles, knitting, collage, or any other medium of choice!

Whether it's domestic pets doing amazing things – or wild and wonderful animals in nature, show us how animals connect to your life. From pets to predators, friend or foe. Show us your love, your fears, your fascination, and your connection to animals – all animals; any animals; however you experience them.

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