You Are Here

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You Are Here
48 in
38 in
(122 cm x 97 cm)
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C & T publishing
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You Are Here is about living in New York city and how my neighborhood influences my work. Inspired by the possibilities of the city, How you can be completely anonymous in the crowds, or have some random thing happen that makes you the center of attention. New York city is a mob of chaos, and at the same time a very small town. That duality is what I was going for in this quilt... It's chaotic, and busy, but at the same time the grid of the city, or the grid of a quilt holds it all together. New York pushes you naturally out of your comfort zone. A place i love very much.
Cotton, Vinyl.
From photos I took of my neighborhood which I manipulated in Photoshop, I had fabric printed. I Slashed fabrics, Hand Quilted and Machine Quilted and over printed text.

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