The Wind Beneath His Wings

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The Wind Beneath His Wings
31 in
57 in
(79 cm x 145 cm)
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Through the years my husband has been fortunate to own and fly many types of aircraft. Portrayed are two he has been lucky to call his own - a 1931 TravelAir open cockpit bi-plane and a Schleicher high performance sailplane/glider. The glider is dependent on motorized aircraft to tow it aloft. Once the high tensile-strength towrope is released by the glider pilot, he seeks thermals rising from the earth's surface creating clouds which allow his journey through the sky.

The pilot's expertise in locating "streets" of thermals determines the duration of a flight. On a really good day, an experienced pilot might remain aloft for 5-6 hours. As the day wanes and the sun starts it's descent, the earth's surface starts to cool. Diminishing heat released causes the clouds to dissipate. The pilot must begin his return to the hangar. At this time, he might be feeling his inner man newly rejuvenated while dreaming of another day soaring and frolicking through the sky like a bird.
Commercial & hand dyed fabrics, cheesecloth, many textured, glitzy, & sheer fabrics, bubble crepe, bridal satin, clear vinyl, TAP, paint, InkAid precoat, gel medium, variegated & monofilament threads.
Fused raw edge applique, turned edge applique, digital printing, image transfer, painting, cloud shapes backed with batting and cut with Brother Scan 'n Cut, machine quilting, machine couching.