Time Line I

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Time Line I
47 in
25 in
(119 cm x 64 cm)
Photo Credit
Petronella Ytsma
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Frequent walks along the coast of Maddalena Island in northern Sardinia led to a love affair with its geological features. The sandy beaches are interrupted by massive granite boulders containing erratic lines of quartz, set against the backdrop of the turquoise sea. The rocks contain mysteries of time and place.

Shunning chemical dyes for health and environmental reasons, my exploration into plants as a primary dye source began in 1995. In an effort to employ more sustainable practices, the foundations of my assemblages are repurposed textiles which are altered by shibori and natural dyes. One of my goals is to persistently narrow down the processes and resources in the making of each piece, although it seems quite impossible for the finished work to be as sustainable as nature itself.
White repurposed kimono linings, hand texturized silk, cotton canvas, acrylic insert, plant materials, wax rubbings
Dyed, screen printed, painted, hand and machine appliqu├ęd, machine stitched