Tempting Sunflower Seeds

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Tempting Sunflower Seeds
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I love nature and I love photography. Before I get to work on nature-inspired quilts, I spend a good deal of time observing the subject I’ll include in my work. I can spend hours walking through nature, taking pictures. I especially love birds, dragonflies, and butterflies. This is very relaxing, rewarding and fulfilling for me. This aspect of my quilt making process is as rewarding to me, as is representing them somehow in a quilt. Hopefully, my photo images and quilts will make people more appreciative of nature, and will convince people that nature and the earth need to be respected and valued.

This quilt was made to commemorate the day my grandson selected and delivered to me a new camera to do professional photography. The cardinal was the first photo we took. Sunflowers were also sketched from some of my photos with the camera.
Cotton fabric for background, hand-painted fabric with Setacolor transparent paint for images and border, 12 weight and 40 weight threads.
The quilt was raw edge machine appliquéd . The fabric for the images was created with hand-painted Setacolor transparent paint. Free-motion quilting with 40 wt. thread was used with some 12 wt. threads to emphasize some designs. Flower and leaf motifs were also hidden in the 40 wt. quilting.

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