Tears for Tahlequah

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Tears for Tahlequah
30 in
24 in
(76 cm x 61 cm)
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I live on an island in the Salish Sea, which spans from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle, Washington.

It is the home of the endangered J pod resident orca whales. In July 2018, the whale named Tahlequah gave birth to what appeared to be a healthy baby that died within hours. Tahlequah grieved the loss by carrying and pushing her dead baby on her head for 17 days while her family members helped to feed her as they travelled.

With no viable births since 2015, and 13 deaths in the last 6 years, the orcas in these waters are in extreme danger. We must protect their preferred food sources, diminish underwater noise, and reduce toxic pollutants that affect orca populations.
Unspun silk fiber, beads, silk organza
Fused, machine stitched, hand stitched, appliqu├ęd