On the Streets Where I Live

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On the Streets Where I Live
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Homeless in America. We walk by these people every day. If we’re feeling especially generous, we may buy one a sandwich, but never give money for fear it will only go for drugs or alcohol. An estimated 18% have mental and physical disabilities preventing them from working and, with the decline in mental healthcare, have no recourse. But one third are families with children, 11% are veterans, and it is estimated that 25% of these people are employed but unable to afford housing on minimum wage. Come on America, we can do better than this.

The man shown here is but one of many. The stark grays and rough texture emphasize his rough existence and the large empty void in the upper right draws attention to the sparseness of his life. He is almost hidden in the dark doorway he occupies, but his meager belongings – blankets and a duffle bag – are highlighted to show some hope for survival on the streets.
Various fabrics, thread, and batting
Fused, machine quilted, and hand sewn

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