She Shows You Where to Look Among the Garbage and the Flowers (white)

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She Shows You Where to Look Among the Garbage and the Flowers (white)
36 in
25 in
2 in
(91 cm x 64 cm x 5 cm)
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Inspired by a line from the song "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen, this piece is part of a triptych, but can also stand alone. I make sculptural pieces from deconstructed, rescued clothing. They are an attempt to raise awareness about exploitive garment manufacture, coupled with the problem of textile waste. We buy far too much from companies that exploit their seamstresses, use cheap fabric, and knock-off designs. We then wear them too briefly, and although nearly all fabric is recyclable, 85% of our discarded clothes end up in landfills. Industrial recycling is one solution, but as an artist I look at textiles differently. We connect with materials on a deeper level when we recognize their previous lives and histories. Artists can lead the way; reconceptualizing, reclaiming, and re-appreciating.
Deconstructed shirt pieces, artificial flowers, found wire, buttons, found rope, paper clips, thread, found keys, found watch parts, nails, found pearls, spools, found birch tree branch
Cut, glued, sewn, quilted